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Meet our Health Partners

Dr. Mateo is passionate about build business & health partnerships that help individuals & families live a healthier happier lifestyle. These partnerships have been tested by Dr. Mateo himself & are a crucial part of his continued healthy lifestyle practices. Most partners having given us DISCOUNT CODES to pass on to our patients & all who connect with our brand & Dr. Mateo. 

You can find out more about our health partners on👉

Click the link above to save $24 on your 1st month of Dr. Mateo's favorite regenerative & fitness coaching app.

Purchase your at-home Hight Powered PEMF Therapy unit. This technology has been shown to help the body heal & regenerate faster through vasodilation of the capillaries in the targeted treatment area. Also, the same technology used on the derby horses to help them achieve peak performance & recovery


At checkout use code: DRMATEO10 to save 10% on the best regenerative gym equipment.

Use Code: DRMATEO to save 15% every time you checkout. 

- Performance & Recovery Muscle Gel

- Sleep Gels

- Full Spectrum Performance & Recovery Droplets

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Help us, Help you! Purchase our recommended health products through our Amazon affiliate links to get health products with ease & help support us while doing it. 

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