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1| 1st Visit Overview

Our new patient process includes a detailed consultation, an advanced range of motion examination, digital motion x-rays & a doctor's report of findings with corrective care recommendations spread out over two preliminary visits. This process allows Dr. Mateo to personally review the details of your exam & x-rays to design a highly individualized care plan between those two appointments.  Our process allows Dr. Mateo to be very thorough & to design a customized plan to deliver health results specific to you as quickly as possible.

2| Detailed Consultation

At Life Without Fear Chiropractic, Dr. Mateo does all of our new patient consultations. That's right you get quality time with a doctor on day one.  Dr. Mateo will address any concerns & questions you may have in regards to neurologically-based chiropractic care. This will also help Dr. Mateo determine if your current health conditions are spine related & that we are confident that we can deliver the results that we both desire. During your consultation, Dr. Mateo will review the specifics of your case, your current quality of life limitations & help you set specific health goals. We know it's hard to hit a fuzzy target & have found that patients who set specific health goals get the best health results.

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chiropractic motion x-rays in Lexington, Kentucky

3| Advanced Range of Motion Testing 

& Digital Motion X-ray Imaging

The most important part of your 1st visit is your exam & x-rays. These diagnostic tools & technology will determine if the cause of your health problems are related to your spine & if Dr. Mateo has a solution that will help them.  Dr. Mateo will perform specific range of motion testing to each joint & region of your spine. 

Next, based on your consultation & exam findings, Dr. Mateo will determine what necessary digital motion x-rays are necessary for your spine & health goals. Once Dr. Mateo has specific x-rays of your spine he will know exactly which parts of your spine are contributing to your health problems & how long they have been there. 

4| Dr. Mateo's Report of Findings

Dr. Mateo will review the specifics of your case, exam & x-ray findings in detail. This is a vitally important step in our process, research shows time & time again that patients who understand & have confidence in the care that they are receiving get better results than those who do not. This is why Dr. Mateo invests a lot of his time into designing a custom chiropractic corrective care plan for each of his patients.  Also, if you make financial or health decisions with spouses or loved ones, it is vitally important that you bring them to this appointment so they can support you & understand your care.

chiropractor motion x-rays in Lexington, Kentucky

5| Financial Plans

specific & gentle chiropractic adjustment in Lexington, Kentucky

At Life Without Fear, we provide our saving options &  financial plans upfront. This with your custom chiropractic care plan will allow you to see exactly what financial, time, & energy investment will be required to help you achieve your health goals.  Once you choose which payment option works best for you, Dr. Mateo will get you your 1st gentle & specific chiropractic adjustment.

Upon starting your care you will also receive our Life Without Fear Chiropractic App! This will allow you to have access to your specific x-rays 24/7 as well as the ability to move your adjustments around freely to match your flexible schedule, as long as you stay on track with Dr. Mateo's Recommendations. Each subsequent appointment will be approximately 5-15min.

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