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Nervous System Centered Care

Torque Release Technique & Digital Motion X-rays

Chiropractic is not a treatment for symptoms or disease, but rather, the facilitation & restoration of normal body function. Dr. Mateo works directly with your nervous system via very specific & gentle chiropractic adjustments, which removes nerve interference & restores proper nerve supply, function & communication within the body. The nervous system directly controls & influences every cell, muscle, tissue & organ of the body.  Proper nervous system function enhances the circulatory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, immune system, reproductive system, hormonal balance, & respiratory system. This approach allows for true healing within your body rather than a symptom-masking "Band-Aid" approach.

chiropractor near me in Lexington, Kentucky

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

PEMF is a state-of-the-art healing technology that helps speed up the body's regenerative processes & helps with multiple conditions:

  • Inflammation

  • Peak Performance Athletes

  • Arthritis

  • Joint Injuries/Pain

  • Disc Injuries/Pain

  • Broken Bone Fusion/Recovery

  • Rib Pain/Dysfunction

  • Plantar Fasciitis 

  • Acute/Chronic Injuries

  • Vagus Nerve Dysfunction

  • Promotes Circulation

  • Neuropathy

  • Tissue & Cell Oxygenation

  • Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Knee Pain

Athletes & Peak Performance

Chiropractic care is a fundamental part of every professional athlete's care for peak performance & recovery.  The best athletes in the world utilize the benefits of specific chiropractic care to give them an edge in their performance.  Also, athletes who utilize chiropractic care during their careers also have a better post-career quality of life.

chiropractor for athletes in Lexington, Kentucky
gentle & specific chiropractic care in Lexington, Kentucky
Auto accident chiropractor in Lexington, Kentucky
gentle & specific chiropractic care in Lexington, Kentucky

Auto Accident Chiropractic Care

The most common auto injury is whiplash & symptoms can show up hours to days later due to the body's innate fight or flight response. Research shows that damage to your spine can be done at speeds up to as little as 5 It is important to note that auto injury's can have masked symptoms due to the common post trauma treatment of opioids & pain killers.  This is why it is vital to have thorough digital motion x-rays studies & analysis done to locate any trauma related problems & to have them corrected as soon as possible so they don't become a bigger problem later that you have to pay for out of pocket & with your decreased quality of life. 

Other common Auto Injuries can include: Neck Pain, ​ Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness, Nausea, Concussions, Hip Pain, Shoulder/Arm Pain, Stiffness, Knee Pain.

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

In today's world, most pregnant mothers feel that birth is something that happened to them versus something that they felt was empowering for them & their family. At Life Without Fear Chiropractic we desire to change the current narrative by helping mothers feel empowered again through their pregnancy & birth. Dr. Mateo is an ICPA member & has received advanced training in the Webster's technique to ensure our pregnant mothers receive the best prenatal care.  Research continues to show the benefits & effectiveness of chiropractic care during pregnancy, by reducing labor times & delivery pains by up to 60%.  We believe there are 3 crucial components (Power, Passage, Passenger) to ensuring a natural, beautiful, empowering pregnancy & birth. 

Gentle & specific chiropractic care for pregnancy in Lexington, Kentucky
Chiropractic for kids in Lexington, Kentucky

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Healthy kids grow into healthy adults. Chiropractic for kids is vital for optimal spine & nervous system development. Today's kids are on pace to be the most sick & medicated generation ever. We are on a mission to reverse that trend.  It all starts with getting kids checked as early as possible, we see infants from a couple of hours old all the way to adulthood. 

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