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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my visit take?

You can expect your 1st visit to take no more than 40 minutes if you fill out your intake forms online.  Filling out your intake forms ahead of time not only saves us about 15 minutes on your 1st visit, it also allows Dr. Mateo to review the specifics of your case before you arrive.  Dr. Mateo will also be with you for your entire 1st visit. Yes, you heard me correctly you get to see the doctor on your 1st visit. In order to do this for each of our new patients, Dr. Mateo books his appointments back to back & sets aside a maximum of 40 minutes for this 1st visit. Also who wants to sit in a doctor's office for hours? 


After your first two visits, each visit is around 5-15 minutes. We know the last thing patients want to do as they get their health & quality of life back is to spend it in long doctor's visits. Dr. Mateo & the team work very efficiently to provide the best patient care & experience in Lexington, Kentucky. Upon starting care, our patients will also get their own personalized app that contains their motion/static digital x-rays & allows our patients to stay on track with their specific care plan while having the flexibility to reschedule appointments to accommodate their constantly changing schedule.

Do you accept insurance?

We are a direct pay or cash practice. Meaning we don't work directly with any health insurance companies. With that said our team can provide you with a statement of accounts or superbills so you can submit to your health insurance for direct reimbursement for any out-of-network benefits.

How much will it cost & how many visits will I need?

Every person & case is different, once Dr. Mateo has had the chance to review the specifics of your case, do a detailed exam, & review any necessary digital motion/static x-ray imaging they will review the exact financial investment & exactly how many visits it will take to reach your health goals.  It is also important to note that Dr. Mateo doesn't accept every case, we only accept the cases we know they can succeed with. This is why a patient-specific & focused 1st visit is vitally important.   Once our team & Dr. Mateo have had the opportunity to have all the necessary exams & diagnostic imaging, we will create & review a custom care plan for the specifics of your case & to help you reach your health goals as efficiently as possible.  It is important to us to keep care as affordable as possible, which is why we have a variety of payment options.

When will I start feeling better?

Dr. Mateo is a great chiropractor, but a terrible magician. What we are getting at here is that we can't predict how quickly your body will heal.  What research shows is that specificity & precision is the name of the game when it comes to better results faster. To get our patients better results faster, Dr. Mateo needs to invest focused time into a thorough exam & very specific digital/static motion x-ray studies to pinpoint the exact cause of your health problems. This will give us an idea of how long the destruction to your spine & nerves has been there. All healing takes time especially if we add in trauma or degeneration. That's why Dr. Mateo utilizes the most advanced chiropractic adjusting instrument (the Integrator), advanced digital motion x-ray imaging,  & customized care plans to help meet the needs of each individual's spine & to reach each patient's health goals as quickly as possible. 

Will I need X-rays?

Every person & case is different. Health isn't cookie cutter & plus we know a general 1 size fits all approach takes more time, energy & money when compared to a very specific & customized approach. Once Dr. Mateo has had a chance to review the specifics of your case & perform a thorough & detailed exam, they will determine what x-rays if any are necessary. With that said, the majority of our patients do require specific digital motion/static X-rays. We don't do guesswork we do test work. We know that to see is to know & to not see is to guess & we will never guess with you or your family's health. Digital motion/static x-ray series allow us to pinpoint any misalignments (subluxations) in your spine. Subluxations not only cause destruction & degeneration to your joints but also to your spinal cord & spinal nerves in that area. An important note here is approximately only 15% of your nerves feel pain, meaning the other 85% of nerves that you don't feel are based on function. X-rays allow us to not only locate precisely which bones are causing your health problems, but also, which bones are subluxated & will lead to health problems in the future if not specifically adjusted. The utilization of digital x-ray technology & our specific, proactive neurologically based health approach allows us to get better results faster for our patients

Is Chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is extremely safe & is one of the safest health & healing approaches. This is also why chiropractor's are able to enjoy one of the lowest malpractice rates of a health care practitioners.  It doesn't have an endless laundry list of side effects like toxic medications or injections. Unless you want to include this list of chiropractic side effects: better sleep, less pain, better range of motion, better immune system function, better digestion & metabolism, better cognitive function, less anxiety, more adaptive to stress, & improved quality of life. Chiropractic is also a non-invasive natural approach when compared to surgeries that have an incredibly high failure rate.  We'd like to also re-affirm at this point again why it is vitally important to do a thorough exam & a thorough analysis of any necessary x-ray imaging to ensure neurologically chiropractic care is safe & effective for your spine.

What kind of training do the Chiropractor's have at Life Without Fear?

Tell us more about this Dr. Mateo guy. Well let's start with what makes Dr. Mateo unique. Dr. Mateo is the only chiropractor in the Lexington, Kentucky area that utilizes the Integrator adjusting instrument & who is advanced proficient in the Torque Release Technique (TRT).  Dr. Mateo graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic the birth place of chiropractic. He has also received advanced training & is certified in the Webster's technique (specific to pregnant mother's).  Dr. Mateo also has invested a lot of time to receive advanced training in digital motion x-ray imaging (the gold standard of x-rays).  We want you to know you & your families health are in the best hands here at Life Without Fear Chiropractic.

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