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Athletes & Peak Performance Care

Chiropractic care is a fundamental part of every professional athlete's care for peak performance & recovery.  The best athletes in the world utilize the benefits of specific chiropractic care to give them an edge in their performance.  Also, athletes who utilize chiropractic care during their careers also have a better post-career quality of life.

Benefits of Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care for Athletes:

  • Better Mobility

  • Faster Recovery

  • Fewer Injuries

  • Better Coordination

  • Less Pain

  • Better Post-Career Quality of Life

  • Optimized Body Performance 

         & Efficiency 

Spine & Extremity Adjustments

Dr. Mateo was a D2 college soccer player & played multiple sports leading up to college, including kicking at some of the most prestigious schools in the country (Oregon, Stanford, University of Cincinnati, University of Houston, & LSU). He understands the importance for high-performance athletes to keep their bodies in a peak performance state. Dr. Mateo has advanced training in spine & extremity adjustments to keep athletes performing at their best. Dr. Mateo can adjust almost every joint of the body ensuring it is in correct alignment for optimal body function. 

Chiropractic with PEMF Therapy

for Recovery & Injury Prevention

Chiropractic & PEMF therapy has been shown to help prevent injuries & speed up the recovery time of the body & any present injuries. Injuries are a part of every athlete's career & availability is of vital importance for any athlete's career. 

  • Concussion(s)

  • Sprains/Strains

  • Disc Injury(s)

  • Aches/Pains

  • Joint Pain/Discomfort



Dr. Mateo sees a lot of post-concussion athletes for quicker recovery & restoring stability to the spine helping reduce the risk of repetitive & long-term concussion effects. The top 2 bones of the spine are commonly pressed right into the brain stem & left misaligned following a concussion unless properly x-rayed & adjusted.

At Life Without Fear Chiropractic we see a variety of athletes & professionals from: Dance, Cheer, Golf, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Band, Proffesional Guitarist, Endurance Athletes, Lacross, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, & etc. 

Gentle chiropractic adjustment
chiropractic for athletes & golfers
Chiropractic adjustment for knee pain
chiropractic for athletes & football
Gentle & nervous system centered chiropractic care
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