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At Life Without Fear Chiropractic, we utilize a neurological based approach to address the root cause your health concerns at the source. Our Doctor's utilize advanced digital motion x-rays & precision neurologically based chiropractic adjustments to increase your body's adaptive healing potential.  This specific pro-active health approach leads to better results faster for you & your family.


We serve Lexington, Harrodsburg, Richmond, Nicholasville, Winchester, Georgetown & surrounding communities.  

Nervous System Centered Chiropractic Care

Specific & gentle neurologically based chiropractic care

that addresses the root cause of your health problems

helping you achieve optimal health & wellness.

Gentle chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractic is not a treatment for symptoms or disease, but rather, the facilitation & restoration of normal body function. Dr. Mateo works directly with your nervous system via very specific & gentle chiropractic adjustments, which removes nerve interference & restores proper nerve supply, function & communication within the body. The nervous system directly controls & influences every cell, muscle, tissue & organ of the body.  Proper nervous system function enhances the circulatory system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, immune system, reproductive system, hormonal balance, & respiratory system. This approach allows for true healing within your body rather than a symptom masking "Band-Aid" approach.

 Gentle chiropractor near me

Neurologically Centered Care


Digital Motion X-ray studies


Regenerate & Recover Faster 

Auto accident chiropractor near me

Recover from Auto Traumas Faster

chiropractic for athletes

Peak Performance & Recovery

Cervical orthotic

Measured off of Specific X-rays

Chiropractic for pregnancy near me

Webster Technique

Chiropractor near me

Gentle & Specific Adjustments

Gentle chiropractor near me

Cycle, Hormone & Fertility Health

“I was having headaches every day & wasn't able to sleep more than 4 hours a night.  They were impacting my ability to perform at work too. I thought this was going to be my normal every day life until I met Dr. Mateo. He explained my x-rays and the importance of the top bone in my spine pressing into my brainstem & how my headaches were directly correlated. After a month of care, it almost brings me to tears that I can now say I have had 2 weeks where I have been HEADACHE FREE. I am so grateful for Dr. Mateo & the team at Life Without Fear. Chiropractic .”
Stephanie W.

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