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Meet Chiropractic's Most Dynamic Team

At Life Without Fear Chiropractic we are constantly recruiting dynamic individuals that can help us create an extraordinary healing experience for all our patients. We hire individuals who are passionate about helping people heal naturally from the inside out without drugs, injections, or unnecessary surgeries.  There is a saying, "there is more to healing than just pure mechanics." We believe that here at Life Without Fear Chiropractic, healing starts from the 1st interaction that we have with a patient, to the culture & environment we create each & everyday for our team & patient's to achieve their optimal healing potential.


Dr. Mateo Franco

Owner/Lead Doctor/Self Development Coach

Dr. Mateo is our founder & leader at Life Without Fear Chiropractic. He has received advanced training in neural encoding for self development/healing, digital marketing, & chiropractic. Dr. Mateo loves to utilize his free time to travel, learn new skills & build new meaningful relationships.

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Chasity Givens

Our Women's Health Partner & Coach

Chasity is our women's health partner at Life Without Fear Chiropractic. She works individually with women looking to improve their overall health and well-being.  She believes neurologically based chiropractic care is fundamental to women's health.  Chasity specializes in helping women with cycle syncing, hormone health, and optimizing their menstrual cycle. 

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