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Current Patient Resource Center


Welcome to our current patient resource page! If you are a new patient & wondered here to see what we are about, welcome too!  Dr. Mateo is passionate about never putting a ceiling on patients' health potential. Each individual has different health goals & commitment levels.  This page is designed to connect patients to health resources that can increase your body's ability to ADAPT to physical, chemical & emotional stress. This is what we refer to as the body's ADAPTIVE HEALING POTENTIAL. The more that we increase your body's adaptive healing potential the healthier you become & the better performance your body can produce. Subscribe to Dr. Mateo's YouTube channel to stay up to date on all health & wellness content, as well as, any new health resources & partnerships to help you live a healthy happy lifestyle.

YouTube Guide

This video is a fundamental video that is vitally important for all patients to know. If we or our doctors can't define HEALTH or understand where it comes from then we are going to continue to receive bad health advice & more importantly bad health results. 

This YouTube Playlist is specific to common chiropractic questions: Should chiropractors only adjust where the PAIN is, why do chiropractors look at your feet when they adjust, how do we know if we are healthy or not, & etc.

This YouTube Playlist has some of the best regenerative exercises for the spine & body as a whole. Dr. Mateo put his favorite & best exercises all in one spot here. It is important to remember the 2 key components of HEALTH: Consistency & Time. Just like the chiropractic adjustments, exercises require consistency over time to deliver lasting results. 

This YouTube Playlist has all of the episodes of Dr. Mateo's Podcast DisRupted. We can all end up with an undesigned life or a well-designed life.  In the DisRupted podcast, Dr. Mateo interviews guests about all topics of life: relationships, business, digital creation, finances, mindset, self-development, health, fitness, travel & communication. DisRupted aims to help people looking to design a life of freedom, purpose & excitement.

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