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Here at Life without Fear you & your families health is our #1 Priority :) We will never guess with you or your families health.


1st Step:   

The 1st step is always a consultation & detailed exam, to better understand the specifics of your case & to see if you qualify for the care we provide. 


2nd Step: 

When necessary we can utilize (on site) state of the art digital X-ray technology & utilize motion X-ray series (when necessary) that allows us to pin point exactly where your spinal bones are positioned, how much damage/degeneration, & gives us an estimated timeline of correction. 

3rd Step: 

Once the Doctors have had a chance to qualify you for the care we provide, based on the specifics of your case (consultation), your detailed exam findings, specific X-ray series findings, the Doctors will go over their Report of Findings with you & review your custom care plan to help you reach your health goals...getting you back to doing what you love with the people that you love.

4th Step:

Get Adjusted!

The most important step to start your journey of health & healing...getting you back on track to doing what you love with people you love, while feeling & functioning your best.

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Results are always fair...

At Life Without Fear Chiropractic we are a RESULTS driven practice, that's why our doctors utilize the most advanced and up to date adjusting technique (TRT) in chiropractic. The Torque Release Technique (TRT), which was born out of drug addiction research & utilizes the only FDA approved adjusting instrument "the Integrator". The Integrator allows the doctors at Life Without Fear Chiropractic to deliver precise, gentle, & specific chiropractic adjustments to the exact segments of the spine causing the health problems, without any twisting cracking or popping.  


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There are 3 Components We Will Evaluate

Structural Component
Your Spine

Neurological Component
Your Nervous System

Metabolic Component
Your Metabolic Health


By evaluating all areas one of our doctors will be able to uncover your individual approach back to health and healing.

Get Your Freedom Back